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I may hold another contest, I'm not sure. If I do, what should the theme be? 

22 deviants said SonAmethyst
20 deviants said Dark Amethyst
4 deviants said Other *comment* (I couldn't think of anything else)


Q: Do you do Art Trades?
Yes!! I do!!! Feel free to ask!!

Q: Do you Roleplay?
Yeah!!! I do Sonic Roleplays!!!

Q: Do you do Requests?
Not anymore. I apologize about this, its just I've been getting so many requests, its been stressful. I hope you understand.
Q: Do you do Commissions?
Yes, I do them now. sonicgirlfriend65.deviantart.c…

Q: What do you draw?
I draw Sonic and Anime!!!

Q: May I draw your characters and ships?
Of course!!!! Just be sure to say that my characters belong to me! Be sure to mention me so I can look at your work! ^^

Q: Are you on any other websites?
I'm on:
Skype: sonicfangirl2



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My Favorite Self-Created Female Characters Tag

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 11, 2017, 12:40 PM

I was tagged by :icondevanarcher101:
You can check out the original tag I got from here: Favorite Self-created Female Character(s) TagDo you have any female characters you made up, original (you completely made on your own) or fan (based on an existing series)? Do you have a main/mascot or favorite? Show who they are, tell a little about them, and your journey with your said character. 
*You can even have a second if it's too hard to choose just one*
  Bio: around 13-16. She is unbelievably shy, and possibly the sweetest and kindest soul you'll ever meet. She lives with her sweet, soft mom, but her loving dad sadly passed away. She likes plants, but she especially loves all sorts of creatures. She is easily scared of large Dragon-types though. She met Neviado when they were really young at a creature camp, but she got lost and separated from her group when they were journeying through the forest. She was really scared, and she injured herself. A kind Neviado came along though, patched her up as best he could, and took her back to camp. She h

I normally don't participate in tags or what not, but this one seemed, interesting to me. So I decided to do it. ^^
To make this a little more interesting and fair, I'm not going to add my main OC Amethyst here. I wanna try to think outside the box a little bit.
The bio is going to be like a short summary I guess you can say. And its going to talk more about backstory than personality. 
I have two favorites:

Brianna the Hedgehog
Brianna Speed Draw by Sonicgirlfriend65Happy Flower Girl by Sonicgirlfriend65Brianna In Sonic Riders by Sonicgirlfriend65

Brianna was an orphan who lived out on the streets and tries to sell flowers for money to get food. She didn't have any friends and no one cared about her. But one day, Sonic and Amethyst found her and decided to let her stay with them(this was before Sonic and Amethyst got together) She felt so happy to finally have people that care about her. 
She looks like an ordinary little girl, but she has the ability to read minds. When hanging out with Sonic and Amethyst, she discovered that they both had a crush on each other. Brianna turned into a little matchmaker and tried many attempts to get them together, until one day, it worked. She got them together. And she's happy that they are together and officially a "mommy and daddy".
About her creation: 
I first created her when I was 14 years old. She's either the first or the second OC I have ever created. I love all my OCs, but Brianna has a special place in my heart. Heart  I wanted to make another character besides my main OC Amethyst (or myself). I wanted to make a character who is cheerful, energetic, always happy, caring, and childish. I thought of her backstory when I was 16 I think, or when I first created her, I don't remember which. But I also wanted a character who would be a matchmaker. So I thought about making a six year old girl. 
Brianna was inspired from the character Brianna from the book series "Dork Diaries". I don't remember exactly how I created Brianna at first, like personality wise, but I added and changed some things about her later on. 
Believe it or not, Brianna was originally gonna be the first killer child OC of mine. I drew out sketches of that when I was 14, but then I scrapped the idea and decided to change it to an adorable girl who is happy, mind reading, and a matchmaker. 
Whenever I draw pictures of her, her adorableness makes me smile. There's just something in her that I value more than any of my other OCs. 

Korosuko/Kiyoko the Hedgehog
Insanity and Innocence by Sonicgirlfriend65One Girl, Two Sides by Sonicgirlfriend65

Kiyoko (Japanese for "innocent child") is a six year old who at first didn't have a home or family or anyone, until she met Annie (7 years old) and her older sister Turquoise (17 years old) and they took her in. Annie and Kiyoko became the best of friends. They were all happy together, until one day. Kiyoko had been acting strange, such as not eating much (even though she usually eats a lot, loves to eat,  not talking much (even though she talks alot), and isolating herself in the closet. Annie notices her behavior and becomes worried about her best friend. The next day, she traveled alone and she came across a spirit, telling her that she could make her feel better. Kiyoko believed the spirit and accepted the offer. Without knowing, the spirit was evil, and went inside Kiyoko and possessed her. Her hair changes color and her eyes change color and her dress changes color. She became more dark, insane, psychotic. She then killed her best friend Annie and left without a trace. She is still out there finding her next victims to kill.  And she now goes by the name of Korosuko (Japanese for "killer child).
About her creation: 
Kiyoko is the first killer child OC that I have ever made, well, officially. I first created her when I was 15. I don't know exactly what gave me the idea to make a killer child OC but it happened. 
Kiyoko/ Korosuko was inspired by the character "Sachiko" from the anime "Corpse Party" (the characters being so similar). Because they were so similar, I knew I had to change and add things to her. The reason I put her here as one of my favorite female OCs I made is because I feel that I put more thought into her. More backstory. More feeling I guess. She just had something more than my other OCs. Even though Brianna has something as well, I feel as if Kiyoko is a bit more, detailed I guess you can say. 
Almost all of my OCs have some traits that I have. And Kiyoko is one of them that we share some traits. She used to be so happy and all of a sudden she's sad and the next thing you know she turns into a killer child. Some traits that we both share are young innocence, sadness and depression, and pain(to ourselves and others). I feel as if Kiyoko is one of the most complex characters I have ever created. And I don't mean complex like too difficult. I mean more laid out, if you get what I'm saying. 

I'm not gonna tag anyone specifically, but anyone that wants to do this. 
This was interesting and fun :D (Big Grin) 

Cherry Blossoms Skin by moonfreak


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I'm just a nice and kind person who is a huge fan of Sonic!!!! Have been for years and always will. I have been drawing ever since I was little! My birthday is on June 15. I like Pokemon, but Pikachu has always been my favorite!!!! I love anything Sonic or Pokemon related!!! I also love Anime and vocaloids!!!I have a Facebook account and a YouTube Channel!…
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